We provide assistance to children with cancer in Costa Rica and Mexico

With your contribution, you can make a difference to more than 200 children in need.


Pollitos de Hierro FOUNDATION

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Our children receive treatment regularly, thus their families are forced to abandon their homes and jobs, compromising the economic and emotional stability of the entire family. We provide comprehensive care to families, not only with basic food but also with clothing for children and their parents, diapers, recreational activities, among many other aids.



Pollitos de hierro Foundation

We give love

“Love cures all and cancer is no exception”

For over a decade we have loved our children and their families, thus we have discovered that in such a difficult time in which they are fighting against cancer, the best contribution we can make to the families is LOVE



We fill Tummies

We have a very important mission, not to allow a child suffering from his or her illness to also suffer from hunger. Our volunteers spend every minute of their lives seeking donations to complete a food basket that will allow these families to have a daily plate of food on their table. Of course, the baskets carry their favorite cereal and their cookies



We fulfill dreams

Pollitos de Hierro was born fulfilling Andy´s dream, a child diagnosed with bone marrow cancer and from a family in extreme poverty. His greatest desire was to eat a marshmallow with sweetened condensed milk, see a real-life swimming pool and to actually be able to swim in it. Thanks to many kind hands, Andy fulfilled all his dreams and now he cares for us from heaven. Since then, we have not ceased fulfilling the dreams of all the children that are told that there are no more treatments for and take it upon us to change their lives in those moments of darkness.


We light up Christmas

On the second week of December of every year, a social activity is held, in which children with cancer and their families participate, to share a pleasant time. In this activity we provide them with a complete change of clothes, a new pair of shoes and each child’s favorite toy as a way to celebrate the Christmas season together. In addition, each family is gifted a complete food basket, to ensure they have a beautiful Christmas dinner.


Pollitos de hierro Foundation

We seek education

At the beginning of February of each year, school packets are donated to all of the children for the beginning of the school year. They include notebooks, pencils, erasers, a bag, among other things that our children needs. Of course, their “Pollitos de Hierro” labels are always included so they can proudly identify as part of our Foundation